Repair & Restoration

JB Leadlights specialise in the repair and restoration of leadlight panels.

Most damaged leadlight panels are removed from their frames and repaired in our workshop. All frames are temporarily boarded whilst repairs are carried out. This maintains the security of your property.

With very old leadlight panels the solder joints break down and the lead tends to become brittle causing the leadlight to weaken significantly. A complete relead is usually necessary in this case.

Upon arriving in our workshop a crayon rubbing is taken of the panel, which is then stripped out and all glass placed in a tub of water. This process softens the old cement which is still attached to the glass. Each piece of glass is then cleaned and dried.

The glass is then arranged over the crayon rubbing and any broken pieces replaced. Broken glass is replaced, matching as faithfully as possible to the original. We have a large selection of old glass collected over time which helps us to match to existing glass

All new lead is used whilst still using the original glass to maintain the character of your panel.

With our fully equipped vans we can service your repair and restoration needs promptly and efficiently.

0483b - A drawing had to be made matching the design as close as possible. 0483a - The panel before work commenced. dsc01226 dsc01484 dsc02411 dscn1187 dsc02337 0983a Before we removed the panel and boarded up for security.